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I’ve just had a new timber fence installed and it looks like some of the gaps have increased between the slats. Has this been installed incorrectly?

One of the big issues we have at the moment is increased demand for all materials. Especially timber! This means that most of the timber coming through is freshly cut and the drying out and weathering process is taking place on your fence or decking. This can cause some timber products to shrink or warp. It’s not a sign of poor installation.

I’ve just had a new patio laid. What maintenance should I be doing on a regular basis?

Its very true that there is maintenance that you should be doing after your new patio is laid.
The biggest cause of slabs starting to move through time is not topping up pointing as and when required. Unfortunately moss and weeds can take hold in pointing and this will disintegrate the pointing material if left. This allows water to get in and freeze over the winter time, which can in turn pop the bond between the concrete and the slab.

Should I install artifical grass instead of a natural grass lawn?

Well, this all depends what you’re looking for. There’s no doubt about it that artificial grass is extremely functional and less messy when it comes to pets and children. Although the artificial look may upset some of the keen gardeners!


Here’s a wee tip from the boss

If you’ve recently had a big area of astro turf laid, try and purchase a leaf blower. It’s great for keeping the grass looking fresh and getting all debris off. It’s much quicker than having to brush it constantly